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How a Roboadvisor for Debt helps users save money


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Published: Wed Jan 11 2023

By Sean Hundtofte

Roboadvisor for debt provides affordable financial intelligence

What is a roboadvisor for debt?

Roboadvisors provide automated recommendations based on algorithms. Until recently, roboadvisors have focused on investment advice. Wealthfront, and Betterment are all examples of investment-based roboadvisors.

Using technology, these companies have drastically reduced the cost of investing. However, 90% of Americans have debt, and 60% can’t cover a $500 emergency. Therefore, most Americans don’t have extra savings to invest.

A roboadvisor for credit focuses on quick and easy to use financial intelligence to help users save money on their liabilities. Rather than financial education, it takes problems off of user’s hands. Many people have been waiting for this to happen – see articles here and here – and we think we were the first to build a debt dashboard that automatically scans for savings and optimizations, i.e. “self-driving borrowing.”

Solve Finance’s unique value proposition for its roboadvisor for debt

Our debt optimizer offers a unique roboadvisor for debt that combines your financial goals and consumer credit data and matches you with personalized strategies based on real-time market opportunities.

Solve brings big-gun institutional expertise, data, and AI to level the playing field. We provide an independent and unbiased financial engine to address financial health holistically. We never take referral fees or sell user data. Average Americans can now access debt advice gate-kept behind expensive financial advisors with Solve Finance.

How much can a roboadvisor for debt save users?

On average, Americans are overpaying by $5,000 on their mortgage and by $1,000 annually on other forms of debt. In 2022, on average, Solve Finance has found users about $200 per month in savings!

How does the Solve Finance roboadvisor for debt work?

Tell us your goal: pay off your debt faster or less each month. Answer a few questions about your current financial situation. The Debt Optimizer works its unbiased, tech magic after getting your credit report and score. Evaluate the best options available based on your goals.

Try our Debt Optimizer out here.

What are the benefits of a roboadvisor for debt – or debt tech in general – for other businesses?

Our enriched credit data helps you better understand your users and opportunities. We treat your customers like our own and never sell user data or traffic. Answer borrowing questions and quickly assist your users in homebuying journeys. Home affordability is at all time lows!

How can a roboadvisor integrate into existing systems?

Solve Finance offers flexible solutions via user-facing web app, widget, or API for seamless implementation.

Contact Solve Finance at [email protected] to book a demo here or discuss custom solutions to meet your user needs.

By Sean Hundtofte

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