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About Solve Finance

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Our mission is to make the best-possible borrowing outcomes easy for you. We do this without selling your data or having advertising revenue limit the advice we give.

Open and transparent

We are open and honest with our users, and each other too.

Get smarter all the time

Own our failures as much as successes; continuous improvement.

Ownership and trust

Trust each other with clear attribution of outcomes.

Have fun (while doing good)

Life is short!

Our Team

We’re a team of finance experts, PhDs, data scientists, engineers and designers who enjoy music, board games, and saving people money.


Sean Hundtofte

CEO, co-founder

Sean Hundtofte has spent most of his life in household finance - as an investor, researcher, and originator. He just came from the exec team at a mortgage lender where he ran customer acquisitions amongst other things, and got a deep appreciation of how broken/misguided most online “advice” for borrowers is. Previously he studied household use of credit at the NY Fed, studied household finance as a PhD at Yale, and was even a “mortgage professor” at NYU Stern (adjunct assistant professor for real estate capital markets to be precise). He left his dayjob to start this business helping households optimize their finances, using market data to their advantage and letting technology do the work for them.


Mark Wagy

CTO, co-founder

Mark Wagy has worked in data and artificial intelligence for over a decade in both academic and industry roles. Most recently he has led data science and data engineering teams in financial technology. He holds degrees in math, physics and computer science, including a PhD from the University of Vermont in computer science/AI. He is now CTO and co-founder of Solve Finance.



Kathryn Dutile

Chief of Staff


Matt Doak

Staff Software Engineer


Jeffrey Helsten

Sr. Software Engineer


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